2nd Grade Washington DC Virtual Field Trip Links
3rd Grade New York City Virtual Field Trip Links
4th Grade American History Virtual Field Trip Links
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

Interactive exhibits you might want to visit:

  • White House Diary
  • Virtual Museum Tour
  • The President's Desk
  • We Choose The Moon
  • Civil Rights

Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

Areas you might want to check out:

  • Ronald Reagan: This section gives you information about President and Mrs. Reagan. It also contains a digital copy of President Reagan's White House diaries.
  • Library and Museum: This section has information on various exhibits in the museum. Ms. Bishop suggests the Air Force One Pavillion, the Berlin Wall, Oval Office, and the Virtual Tour. These can be found under the Permanent Exhibits heading.

George W. Bush Library and Museum

Areas you might want to check out:

  • Photos and Videos-  this section contains photos and videos about life in the White House, gifts given to President and Mrs. Bush by foreign leaders, and information about September 11th
  • The President and Family - This section contains information about the Bush Family and their time in the White House.
  • Kid's Clubhouse - This section contains trivia, games, and information especially for kids!

White House Tour

Areas you might want check out:

  • Inside the White House - Interactive Tour
  • History and Grounds - Air Force One
  • Inside the White House - West Wing Tour
  • Inside the White House - Holidays